Canucks with Guitars pickups

The Boa Constrictors


With a phat growly sound, these are your perfect rock & roll single coils.  Like a boa constrictor these pups will take a hold of your audience and wont let go until you do.

Alnico 5 bar magnets

42awg Enamled copper wire

Bridge output= 8.7K

Neck output= 7.7K

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The Canuck-Buckers


Clear as the great lakes, articulate like Pierre Trudeau and with all the beefiness of a northern BC lumberjack ....These hum cancelling pickups are as sweet as maple syrup.

Alnico 5 bar magnets

42awg Enamled copper wire. 

Bridge output= 9.0k

Neck output= 8.2k

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The Vintage workhorse set


Nothing works harder than a Clydesdale, with the possible exception of these vintage tele- style pickups.  From rock to country to blues, these blue collared, lunch pail totting PUPS will get the job done and done right.

Alnico 5 rod magnets

Bridge Wire 42awg copper

Neck wire 43awg copper

Bridge output= 7.5k

Neck output= 7.7k

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The Chimera set


There's nothing more versatile than 3 single coils tweaked to fill out the tone spectrum like an application.  The Chimeras give you everything from the rumbling, growly lows to the clean, chimey highs and everything in between.  Based loosely around a '63 strat configuration but with added depth and range.

Alnico 5 rod magnets

42awg enameled copper wire

Bridge output= 6.59k

Middle= 6.37k

Neck= 6.13k

Prices and options

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